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Local Landscapes

Through-out the Goyder Region in South Australia we are blessed to see extraordinary examples of Australian History; Aboriginal Rock Art, homestead ruins that tell a story of times past, archaeological sites where palaeontologists discovered ancient ruins of diprotodons (kind of like a giant wombat), and so much more…

Amongst the Spectacular landscapes, discover how local pioneers tried to tame these great lands, not always with great success.  See the incredible transformation of the countryside as you drive through and observe different styles of farming as you cross over the Goyders Line.

When you are done exploring the region for the day, return to relax and unwind in Jumbucks Restaurant (reopening March on Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings).  Enjoy our intimate setting, fine service and tasty meals before retiring to a clean, comfortable motel room at Burra Motor Inn.

Burra and surrounds

There is so much to explore within the historic township of Burra.

Check out the Burra Burra Monster Mine, the copper mine after which the town is named.  The Corporation of South Australia was on the verge of going bankrupt when copper was discovered here in 1845.  The Monster Mine became the largest metals mine in Australia which helped turn the State around and played a role in Australia becoming the largest Copper Producer in the World!  With the success of the mine, Burra became the 5th largest provincial centre in Australia at the time.

Burra has a long and extensive history and attracts people from all over the world.  Many people visit Burra and the Goyder Region every year to research their own personal family history and discover their connection to the area.  There was recently a popular phrase used when promoting our great town, ‘all roads lead to Burra’.  It is remarkable to observe the accuracy of this statement over the years, and in so many ways..

One easy way to sample some of our extensive history is to purchase the Burra Heritage Passport from the Burra & Goyder Visitor Information Centre.   A well reviewed, packaged self-guided tour provides a guide book and access to numerous, well preserved historical sites that provide insight into many aspects of our history and these lands, including industry, transportation, culture, heritage, architecture, paleontology, government, law & order.  Imagine what it would have been like arriving here over 150 years ago!

The Heritage Passport gives you a taste of our vast history.  However,  there is so much more to discover if you want to stay  around for a while longer.  Speak to us, and we will do our best to provide you with information.  In addition to copper mining and the Burra Burra Monster Mine. this region enjoys a vast history; the aboriginal culture of the area and the Ngadjuri people whom are still guardians of the region today, how the Burra Charter was formed and the role it plays as a model for conservation around the world, exploration and agriculture and the many stories of great men and women including Sir Hubert Wilkins.

Wilkins was born and raised in the area on a property called Netfield, Mount Bryan East (there a story behind the naming of Netfield as well).  Visit Netfield and the Sir Hubert Wilkins Cottage, and the nearby Mount Bryan East School that Wilkins walked to each day.  Wilkins grew up to become a polar explorer, ornithologist, pilot, soldier, geographer and (war) photographer.  A number of local volunteers from Mount Bryan, Hallett and Burra have spent countless hours researching this great man and are happy to share their vast knowledge.

Learn about Henry Bryan after whom Mount Bryan was named.  A film was produced in 2010 titled ‘They Rode Into History: The Story of the 1839 Mount Bryan Expedition‘ and tells the tale about an expedition to explore the land along the Murray River up stream and overland from the great North West Bend.  Henry Bryan was lost and never again found.  The film was produced by and featured locals, including local butcher Casey Cooper who played the part of Governor Gawler.

The Goyder Region has played a part in the production of a number of well known movies including Breaker Morant in 1980 (featuring Redruth Gaol and the old Cactus farm), Wolf Creek 2 in 2013 (Unicorn Brewery Cellars), The Water Diviner in 2014.  And recently, Escape from Pretoria in 2020 (Redruth Gaol again).  At the time of writing this, there were 25 titles listed on IMDB that featured ‘Burra’ as a filming location.  Click here to see the list.

One of the most popular subject for photographers, less than 6km North of Burra, lies ‘The Midnight OIl House‘ on Cobb & Co Corner.  First photographed by Ken Duncan, this house was depicted on the cover of Midnight Oil album, ‘Diesel and Dust‘ which was released in 1987.

The same house also appeared in a Qantas advert in 2004 with the Childrens Choir spread around the paddock.  The Midnight Oil House appears at 1:33.

Local Adelaide band, Sonic Divide, filmed a fantastic music video for their song, ‘I Wonder‘.

We have been operating the Burra Motor Inn for close to 10 years now, and it never ceases to amaze us, the incredible amount of history one can learn from this region.  You name it, you can quite probably learn something about it here!

The Burra & Goyder Visitor Information Centre is a great place to start for help accessing information.  If they can’t help you with your enquiries, please let us know.  If we can’t help you, we can very likely put you in touch with local experts and volunteers that can help you on your journey of discovery.

Visit the Burra National Trust and Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre Facebook photo albums for a pictorial sample of Burra, examples of some of the sites the you can see with the Heritage Pass,  and the Goyder surrounds, or search for informative and entertaining videos to watch on Youtube (try some of keywords highlighted in bold above).

Come along and enjoy a nature and history based experience in Burra & the Goyder Region.  Enjoy the #GoyderGoodness!

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